H.323 Plus

H.323 Plus (or, "H323plus") is the home for the open source H.323 development formerly known as OpenH323. The new name was chosen to reflect the fact that the open source H.323 project now contains even more more functionality than ever before.

H.323 is the leading protocol for videoconferencing, with virtually every videoconferencing solution in the world using H.323 in order to establish voice and video communication sessions. With its superior handling of video and conference control, no other protocol comes close to matching the capabilites of H.323 for video.

H.323 is also an extremely important protocol for the VoIP industry, with H.323 carrying nearly twice as much VoIP traffic in 2006 than all other VoIP protocols combined. While other protocols will increase in importance and new ones will come into the market every year, H.323 has firmly positioned itself in the market and continue so for many years.

The H.323 Plus project intends to do much more than simply provide a home for open source H.323 developers. It also serves as a discussion forum for advanced multimedia communication topics, development of new standards, and creation of rich multimedia communication products that use the H.323 Plus code base.

Members of the open source community have already created a solid foundation for voice and videoconferencing in H.323 Plus, helped to expand functionality defined in the H.323 standards, and worked on NAT/FW traversal solutions. Together with folks in the H.323 Forum, work is also progressing on new functionality like file transfer, application sharing, text messaging, and more.

To participate in the open source development, just join the mailing list! All developers are welcome to join and help shape the future of IP-based multimedia communications.[source]


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