Facebook Enables Voice Updates in India

Facebook users in India now have a new and easy way to update their Facebook status - simply call in, record a voice message and it will be posted to their wall. Never mind complicated voice and speech recognition software, the feature is dead simple and posts the update directly to Facebook as an audio recording.

What do you think? Is this a feature you would want to see here in the U.S. or other countries? 

Before you go crying "foul", the primary reason for the feature is likely that smartphone adoption in India is at around 10% in the 15-24 age range. The U.S. is at three times that with 33%, whereas Italy, the country with the highest rate of smartphone adoption, is at 47%.

According to tech blog Digitizor, the feature is provided in association with Indian mobile service provider Aircel. Aircel users can call 51555, enter their credentials and update their wall from there. Take a look at the update:

According to Digitizor, users can post the update directly to their own wall or on the wall of their friends. Sounds a bit like a really simple version of Cinch, doesn't it?


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