Benefits of Mint


Mint has been used in healing remedies for many centuries. It has a terrific smell and it does taste great.

One of the most common form of treatment mint has is that is that it can settle a nervous stomach. Mint appears in many products such as teas, recipes involving entrees, like lamb with a mint julep side. Mint as a health benefit began in the Middle East, India and Europe. Mint is also widely known as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions.

Mint has also been said to slow the effects of bacteria or fungus . Mint has also been said to help with asthma and other allergies. Some believe that mint in certain respects that can be helpful in cancer treatments too. But that has not been proven yet at least not on humans. In animals it has been shown that the alcohols that are in mint can help prevent colon, lung and skin cancer.

Mint is a very common flavor as well; there is mint toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, chocolate, liquor and hard candies. Mint is a very soothing taste and it is very common among flavors like cherry, grape or lemon. You can buy fresh mint leaves in the supermarket and you can add to teas and coffees. Next time you want a fresh tasting dessert or you have an upset stomach try mint, it may help you.


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