AVG Internet Security 2011 Review


AVG is probably best known for their popular free antivirus software. As free antivirus programs go, it is an exceptional choice. But for consumers who need the more comprehensive protection offered by internet security suites software, AVG Internet Security is a viable option. While the internet security software doesn’t offer many of the extras that are included in the best internet security software, it does succeed at providing a good degree of online security while shopping, banking, or just surfing the web.


The antispyware scanner included with AVG Internet Security is one of the most effective in any internet security suite. The software includes an Alternate Data Stream scanner, an advanced and highly effective tool that is missing from most other internet security suites. AVG Internet Security’s ADS scanner is able to uncover hidden malware on your computer that remains hidden to most competing products. Such a capability can be very important in keeping a computer free of viruses, spyware and other malicious applications.


AVG AntiVirus has been a force in the antivirus market for years. Their reputation is nearly flawless, and third-party testers continue to see AVG near the top in performance and overall strength. The AVG virus scanner is certified by ICSA, W.C.L and VB100%. These certifications are a measure of how well an antivirus utility does its job. Having all three of the certifications listed above is uncommon and shows a commitment to creating an excellent product.


The firewall included with AVG Internet Security is good, but still needs some work. It doesn't have much of a default configuration to speak of. It does have a couple settings for a standalone computer or a computer on a domain, but they mostly change what programs are blocked by default. This is a good start but requires that you approve or deny every program that you connect to the internet with. Beyond the little issue of default configuration, AVG's firewall is very strong, as it does an excellent job of protecting your valuable information from unwanted intruders.

Other Security/Features:

AVG Internet Security lacks parental controls and some of the other useful functions that are part of the best internet security suites software. Nonetheless, it offers excellent protection for secure applications like online banking and shopping. It shields credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive data as they’re being transmitted across the internet. The AVG Online Shield protects you from malicious files spread through downloads or IM chat.

The internet security suite also includes realtime search protection with AVG LinkScanner. LinkScanner checks every result from popular search engines and tags them with at-a-glance security ratings. This innovative utility makes it easy to steer clear from malicious websites, particularly socially engineered online threats. AVG Internet Security also includes social network security with link scanning and protection for links shared through Facebook and MySpace.

AVG also leverages their large user base to improve security. The AVG Community Protection Network helps to keep everyone safe as each user serves as a neighborhood watch by (anonymously) providing AVG with information that helps them locate new threats. Combine that with continuous proactive testing online (cloud security), and you’ve got a pretty good multi-layer internet security suite.

Ease of Use:

AVG Internet Security suite software is very easy to use. Most of the configuration is already done for you with the exception of the firewall configuration. Other features are largely transparent to the extent that you’re likely to be unaware that they’re even running. For example, AVG Internet Security uses smart scanning technology to run scans in high-priority mode when your system is idle, and dynamically switches when you start using the computer to save resources.

The installation of this package is mostly easy and to the point. Configuring the software is also pretty straightforward, though you won’t want to mess around with the firewall settings unless you know what you’re doing.

Help & Support:

For customers who have active AVG accounts, the best available help is generally through the program’s help menu. It allows for access to online help. Email support is also available and there’s a useful FAQs section and knowledge base on the company’s website. Premium services are available via telephone for an additional subscription fee.


AVG Internet Security performed well in all of our testing. It effectively caught all of the viruses and spyware we used against it. Our only complaint about this internet security software is that is missing a few features found in the best internet security suites. AVG isn’t the fastest, but it’s certainly not a resource hog. Overall, AVG Internet Security is solid internet security software with a good balance of security and usability.[source]


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