About The Blue Lobster Breeding

Do you have aquarium in your home and you have brought one lovely as well as unusual blue lobster? Do you want to know about the breeding procedure of this blue lobster? I have some acquired information and knowledge to share with you so that you can get a brief idea on this topic.

Generally the claws of these male blue lobsters are bigger as well as more stretched than female blue lobsters. You could highly see by turning them upside down that there are two claspers by which they clasp female during copulation near their vent that almost look like a hockey stick. Conversely female blue lobsters have smaller and more round shaped claws. They lack the organ, claspers. When they are supposed to mate, the male blue lobsters initiate copulation and they both clean each other’s body first which is the important part of their mating ritual.
When their mating get finished, the eggs of the female blue lobsters are carried into the pleopods. Normally their eggs hatch approximately within four weeks. When the new fries take birth they look like smaller version of adults but they lack reproductive organs this time. They must molt which is periodically shedding the cuticle in the very beginning of their life i.e. first 24 hours. The fact is many new born blue lobster fries cannot survive during this first molt. Therefore you should change their reservoir water on regular basis and maintain the good and clean water condition to help the fry survive during molt and later. This molting is rapid while they are young and it automatically gets slow down with the growth.

This time you need to feed the blue lobster fries properly so that they can grow into adult blue lobster. You can feed them quality sinking pellet, micro worms, flake food, dried algae and fresh hatched brine shrimp or liquefied foods. Approximately after two weeks the young blue lobsters usually become much hardier. Till the time being they remain more transparent in color in lieu of blue but by acquiring reproductive organs and becoming sexually matured, they gain adult’s coloration like pale blue or electric blue.

It’s good to know obviously about the blue lobster breeding and breed accordingly, but you should also take proper care of them so that new born lobsters remain alive become adult. Arrange exact storing place for them for example if you keep your lobster in tank then it must contain 20 gallons of water. It means there should be enough space for them to move freely.

You should keep some gravels or stones or sand inside the tank or aquarium so that they can hide themselves while become stressed or tired. It’s better to provide plants to their habitat because first of all it gives them food and secondly they can highly hide behind the plants.

Do you want to keep your blue Lobster with other fishes in the aquarium? Then you must know that they stay fine with medium size and fast moving fishes but they can injure larger as well as slow moving fishes. Moreover, they can eat small and slow moving fishes. Never ever place them with larger size carnivorous fishes as they find blue Lobsters very tasty. They are extremely territorial in nature and thus shouldn’t be placed with other fishes of the same kind; otherwise they could fight and injure each other. If you don’t have any other option then provide as much as hiding places possible in the tank or aquarium for them to move freely.


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