Kooday Review


Kooday is the latest search engine to break into the internet market. It is a multi-language library of every word and phrase known to mankind. Not only can you search just like you would with Google, Yahoo or the many other options internet surfers have, but as a member you can earn an income. Here is my honest review.

In today's fast changing world of the internet one thing has stayed constant. The search engine market has been dominated by a few such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few other hybrids. They earn their massive amounts of income by charging for advertising.

If you have every used pay-per clicks, Google AdWords, banner advertising or any other form of pay for internet advertising, you know it comes at a pretty high cost.

At this point there is no cost to begin earning from this new search engine option. The company plans on owning 3-20% of the search engine market in a very short time frame. They allow their members to do the following:

- Purchase Keywords: You can then sell, trade or charge for the use of specific Key Words
- Allow you to pay After you see the results of your advertising.
- Has a residual income stream to members through profit sharing credits
- Earn commissions by referring others to become members and use the search engine
- Earn bonuses by owning popular key words.

This is very unique in the world of search engines. They plan on signing up new advertisers by offering them no cost solutions until they see the results This will increase their market share, while increasing the profits of those who have purchased key words.

Members will receive profit sharing credits for all key words purchased and the more the members buy, the more they will earn as the Kooday begins to profit.

This is a very legitimate new opportunity. The folks who get in early and purchase the unique and popular key words will have a chance to earn a substantial residual income if the company grows at the rate they are expecting. Members will also earn commissions by referring new members as well. I would caution the folks who intend to utilize the pay per clicks advertising. Make sure you know what you are doing, because although you don't pay up front, it will cost you in the end. Good luck and prosper.[source]


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