Information Overload: WikiLeaks/Operation Payback Edition

I bookmarked around 60 articles yesterday related to WikiLeaks, Julian Assange or Operation Payback. Not to mention all the other interesting topic unrelated stuff I found. 

This is the daily problem I have to face currently. Too much noteworthy information, in stark contrast to the times I was depressed and absolutely nothing interested me at all. 

OK, the fact that I've subscribed to way over 200 RSS feeds probably also plays a role. The problem with finding so much stuff worth to write about is that you just don’t have the time to actually write something, because it takes too much time to scan through all these texts. Thus here is my link selection for today:

ANON OPS: A Press Release - December 10, 2010 (PDF)
AlterNet: War on WikiLeaks and Assange: 6 Ways the Whistleblower Is Being Attacked and Suppressed
MB: We Are In The Midst Of The First Information War: Operation Payback
MRS: Whats Happenning With
truthout: Exclusive: An Inside Look at the "Hactivist" Takedown of Visa After WikiLeaks Cut Off
Operation Payback on Twitter
AnonOps Network Status
Mediaite: “Anonymous” Posts Video Describing “Operation Payback” In Defense Of WikiLeaks
Kimmons Blog: Anonymous
Mashable: Facebook and Twitter Slam the Door on Would-Be WikiLeaks Avengers

ADBUSTERS: #IamWikiLeaks
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Q&A: Wikileaks and freedom of expression
DEMOCRACY NOW!:Glenn Greenwald on the Arrest of Julian Assange and the U.S. "War on WikiLeaks"
BBC: Pro-Wikileaks activists abandon Amazon cyber attack
CNN: Pro-WikiLeaks hackers change target to PayPal



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