How To Remove Koobface Virus Worm

“Koobface” is a kind of worm. With the increasingly large group of social network users, Koobface worm spreads crazily among Facebook users, so people also name it as Facebook worm. However, the name “Facebook worm” will soon be the past, because this worm has leaped out of the fence of Facebook, and madly sprung to other social network, such as Bebo, MySpace, Friendster, MyYearbook, and Blackplanet, etc.

Koobface Worm Description:

Once the Windows system gets infected by the Koobface worm, the worm will leave word on the page of Friends Profile. It may post some strange spam message: “Where are you?’, “It is unforgettable! You look just awesome in this movie!” People who receive these messages may be puzzled: can the guys really see me in the Video? Then, they can help to clicking on the website link left in the messages.

Actually, these links will lead people to other page out of the website, and pretend to provide you a video from YouTube but need you to download a latest version of Adobe Flash Player in order to further watch the video. Then, if you click on the install button, you are right into the trap. After being compromised, people will be redirect to other malicious or compromised website, which will lead to many security problems, such as Identity being stolen, etc. And, the searched words are redirected for other results and can be used for click fraud and ads hijacking.

Social Network Will Become a Parasitic Location for Koobface.
Koobface may be not the first malicious software to attack social network, the wide extent of its spread, however, is unprecedented.

Koobface has created a great panic among computer users. What people most concern, is not that this worm can spread itself – this has been a normal feature for a malicious program – but that the way it spreads scare people. In recent years, people have paid high attention to the unknown links and attachments in an email. However, the worm producers have also find out a new place where people live – Social Network. People here not only have no alertness but also feel very safe, so that the worm can be seen flooding over the network now.

How to Remove Koobface Worm?

To prevent Koobface worm, we need to have a good habit from our daily use of the computer. Do not click on any unreliable links; do not open any unknown email. As to the strange message in social network, you need to judge yourself whether it is true or not. If you want to better protect your computer, it is highly recommended to install the antivirus/anti-spyware Spyware Cease on your computer.

It’s known primarily as The Facebook Virus, but a new Trojan called Koobface is spreading like wildfire via not only Facebook but other social networks such as Bebo, MySpace, and Friendster. Many users have become aware of how they have gotten this worm and what to look for to prevent it, however what they don’t know is just how dangerous it can be.

How Koobface Infects Your Computer

Koobface spreads by sending out notes to friends of somebody whose computer has already been infected. The subject line will read something to the effect of “You look funny in this movie” or “You look great in this movie.” What happens when the link is clicked however, is that users are redirected to a website that attempts to install what appears to be an update to Adobe’s Flash Player. But what really happens when a user agrees to download the update is that the Trojan then downloads and infects your computer.

Once infected, users will be redirected to all kinds of adverts and malicious websites when attempting to access search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

This will actually lead to more and more spyware and Trojan worm infections, and it will eventually become so bad that it becomes literally impossible to use your computer. But that is not the worst of it.
Why It Is So Dangerous

Like so many other malware or spyware infections, the ultimate goal of Koobface is to get hold of sensitive information i.e. credit card details, bank account information, passwords, PIN numbers, etc. and if any or all of this information is obtained, then the likelihood that you’ll have your identity stolen increases exponentially.
Unfortunately, most people simply think that getting infected with spyware or malware is at the very worst a nuisance that may render their computer almost unusable. And while that is a pretty bad thing in and of itself, the reality is that at the very worst, anybody at anytime can have their identity stolen via a spyware or malware infection and Koobface is no different.

This is why it has become so critical that you invest a small amount of money in top of the line spyware removal software so that you can not only get rid of Koobface A.K.A. The Facebook Virus, but protect your computer from future infections as well.

Because making that small investment now is a much better alternative to the thousands of dollars you stand to lose in false credit card charges, legal fees, etc. if you become a victim of identity theft. Gain pragmatic information about the topic of free website traffic – please read the web site. The times have come when concise info is truly at your fingertips, use this chance.[source]


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