The Smartphone Of HTC Smart

The HTC Smart is a touch screen Smartphone complete with a range of user friendly features & high speed technologies which makes it a pleasure to use. This handset is from the same HTC family as the beautifully designed HTC Tattoo & these handsets resemble each other in their overall design & appearance. The Smart comes with a variety features which include a 3 megapixel digital camera, fast Web browsing, stylish user interface & easy communication features. It supports a Brew® operating system complete with the popular & stylish HTC Sense™ user interface. This Smartphone will suit the majority of mobile phone user's needs, whether the user uses their phone for personal or business use, & all at an affordable price to suit most users budgets.

Appearance & Size

It comes is a black & grey coloured casing which has smooth & curved edges making it an easy handset to hold & operate in a single hand. Its subtle curved shape allows the user to hold their Smartphone comfortably in their hand when in use & also adds to the overall stylish appearance of the HTC Smart. The front section of the handset is almost filled by its 2.8 inch TFT LCD touch screen which is a good size for onscreen selection & viewing purposes. This touch screen supports a screen resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels & the user can view up to 262,000 colours on this LCD display for a truly bright & high performance viewing experience. Its casing measures 104mm tall by 55mm wide & 12.8mm in depth which is a neat size for carrying purposes. The HTC Smart weighs one hundred & eight grams in total which is including its fitted battery. This stylish touch screen form casing allows the user to view & use a touch screen keypad on their screen when the user requires a numeric input method.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

An integrated music player allows the user to enjoy music on the HTC Smart complete with easy to use music features & settings. The user can transfer music using the connectivity options available which include USB & Bluetooth® connectivity or the user can download music from popular music download websites. This music player supports many music formats including MP3, WAV, WAV, eAAC+ & WMA9. The user can enjoy their ringing tones in WAV & MP3 format, plus the user can change their phones ringing tone to suit their personal music taste. The HTC Smart has a 3 megapixel camera feature complete with a fixed focus & a LED flash which will brighten up those darker surroundings. This camera supports video recording capabilities which allow the user to enjoy capturing moving video footage on their phone which can be stored on the phones memory, shared with others via the messaging services or transferred onto the user computer for sharing purposes. Its video playback capabilities allow the user to play videos in many formats including MPEG4, 3GP, 3G2 & M4V. The user can enjoy high quality & beautifully clear video playback for entertainment purposes on their HTC Smart. This Smartphone supports downloadable games, which means the user can download games of their choice which provides the user with a fun gaming experience if desired.

Communication & Messaging

All the users contacts details including names & contact numbers are stored in the phone book which allows the user to access their contact details quickly & easily when making a call or sending a message. The HTC Smart comes with a wide selection of messaging features allowing the user to communicate with their contacts using the best messaging service to suit the user's needs. Its services include multimedia messaging, instant messaging, email with push email support & a text messaging service. An instant messaging service allows the user to communicate with compatible instant messaging contacts whilst taking part in an online communication using text & symbols to communicate online. Its multimedia message service allows the user to share their precious photos & video recordings with other compatible messaging contacts which is a quick & easy method of photo sharing.

Technology & Internet

The Smart comes with two hundred & fifty six megabytes of RAM plus five hundred & twelve megabytes of ROM memory & the user can insert a memory card to expand their Smartphone's memory capabilities even further. Its connectivity options include Bluetooth® wireless connectivity & USB connectivity which means the user can connect to other devices when transferring data including photos, sound, music, ringtones & more. The HTC Smart is a quad band GSM network handset & supports HSDPA 2100 network connectivity. Its 3G HSDPA technology allows the user to gain fast connectivity when needed & the user can enjoy multi usage of feature including being on a call whilst browsing the Internet for example. Its EDGE technology allows the user to enjoy high speed data transfer rates when transferring files between devices. The battery provided with the HTC Smart is a Li-ion 1100 mAh battery which can provide approximately 600 hours of 3G standby time or 450 hours of GSM standby time when fully charged. The user can enjoy approximately 6.2 hours of 3G talk time or 7.5 hours of GSM talk time depending on other features being used on the handset. Accessing the Web is easily achievable using the built in HTML browser which is accessible from the phones main menu.[source]


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