Setting up Aztech Wireless-N plus Mobile Broadband HW550-3G with Maxis Wireless HuaWei E1762


Recently , I bought a Aztech Wireless-N plus Mobile Broadband HW550-3G router and would like to setup with Maxis and Wireless HuaWei E1762 so it can support multiple users through the 4 ports and wireless.

When all cables are well connected and open up the Internet Explorer, the web pages jumps into the Aztech web console instead of opening the desiredweb page. In the Home - Internet Connection , the status shows " No modem/Unsupported Mode" . I confirmed that the Maxis Wireles and HuaWei E1762 is working properly ,but no matter how I try , I couldn't connect to internet.

Check on internet , but there is no arctiles and support about the Aztech product and Huawei E1762 is still for new Maxis users .If you have the same issues , I hoped that the below solution will helps you .

Look at the bottom of Aztech router , you find a label stated the Firmware Version. The firmware is 201.106.1. The main cause of the problem is this firmware version is not support the latest of HuaWei E1762. In order to support Huawei E1762 , the correct fimware must be 201.106.1-036 or aboved ( the 036 is missing from the label).

I download the latest firmware from Aztech ,after applying the latest firmware , the status changed and shows signal strength. Internet Explore also working properly .

Using of the Aztech Wireless-N plus Mobile Broadband HW550-3G router with Maxis and Wireless HuaWei E1762 , it is great for cost-saving . The product only costs me RM 248, I can connect to my Streamyx Account and share to many . I could also use the Maxis Wireless and share through Wireless-N. You can also setup as storage device and print server. This is really a home internet ALL-IN-ONE products !!!

BUT , remember if you buy this Aztech product ,be sure that you update the firmware regardless what kind of modem brand you used . The firmware always incompatible with latest modem release.[via]


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