Samsung F700 Ultra Smart 3G SmartPhone Overview

The Samsung F700 is known as the Samsung Ultra Smart F700 which is a 3G Smartphone & comes with full touch screen controls. The F700 Ultra Smart is a highly multimedia & technology focused phone which comes in a beautifully designed handset. The handset has a smooth finish & has a sleek design with it's curved edges. The handset comes with metal effect edging & the touch screen comes with a black coloured surround. The phone comes with a side positioned slide out QWERTY keyboard which is easy to use whilst viewing the large touch screen. The phones screen is 2.78 Inches in size & comes with a fully touch sensitive screen which allows the user to make selections & access menus by using touch activated controls only. The Samsung F700 Ultra Smart comes with VibeTonz technology which allows the user to actually feel the buttons with a responsive vibration. The large screen provides up to 262k colours with a screen resolution of 420 x 240 pixels. The Samsung F700 is similar in design to other touch screen handsets which include the Apple iPhone & the LG KE850 Prada. The handset is 104mm high by 50mm wide by 16.4mm deep which is a solid & compact size for a 3G handset.

The phone comes with High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network which allows the user to enjoy high speed technology on the move which provides speed up to 7.2 Mbps. The phone work on a tri band network which will automatically switch between network bands. The Samsung F700 comes with Bluetooth® technology which provides the user with a wirefree connection to all compatible devices. The user can enjoy EDGE technology & USB connectivity on their handset. The 3G technology provides the user with a high speed multitasking handset which allows the user to enjoy added 3G features such as video calling capabilities. The 3G Smartphone comes with a Flash user interface & a document viewer which allows the user to view documents in popular file formats. The user can use their phone offline which allows the user to access features such as music, photos & videos whilst in restricted areas & the offline mode will disable the phone call features.

The phone comes with a high quality camera feature which can be used for capturing photos & video with ease. The camera is discretely built into the handset & comes with easy to use camera controls & settings. The camera is a 3.15 megapixel digital camera & comes complete with auto focus. The user can change the camera mode to take still photos or to record moving video footage. The user can change the camera setting to gain the desired shot with the required finish to their photo. The Samsung F700 comes with easy to access video feature which include a built in video player which can play video in MPEG4, H263, H264 & Real video format. The user can record, play, stream, store & share their video footage. The phone comes with a second camera which is used when taking part in a video call which is all available due to the built in 3G technology. The user can have a face to face video call with any 3G compatible video calling compatible contact. The built in music player provides the user with non stop entertainment on the move. The user can hear their favourite music in clear stereo sound in either MP3, AAC+ or eAAC+ music format. The user can enjoy using an easy to use drag & drop method to control & create their music play list. The user can control the volume, screen brightness, play list & navigate through menus using the touch screen. The phone supports polyphonic & MP3 ringing tones which the user can change to suit their ringing tone style.

The Samsung F700 Ultra Smart comes with a full HTML browser which provides the user with access to the Internet at any time of the day or night. The user can use the QWERTY keyboard when surfing the Internet which provides an easy input method. The super 7.2 Mbps HSDPA speed allows the user to enjoy a fast mobile email service & the user can catch up with their email on the move. The F700 comes with an instant messaging service which allows the user to have an online chat with others who are online at the same time as the user. The messaging services on the Samsung F700 include multimedia messaging, enhanced messaging & text messaging. The multimedia messaging service better known as MMS allows the user to send & receive messages complete with text & sound with either a photo or a video recording. The Samsung Ultra Smart F700 brings together high quality technology, beautiful design with a fun filled entertainment phone.[source]


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