[Personal review] The Aztech HW550 3G Wireless-N router


The Aztech HW550-3G router is one of the newest entrant to the market with supporting feature such as the highly valued storage and printer sharing making it a basic NAS functionality; and of course, pairing of an external 3G modem, allowing a working broadband connection anywhere. While not one of the earliest 3G product available, Aztech managed to differentiate them self compared to other competing product by pricing it at an incredible price point of only $99!(~$110).

The good:
Great performance (wan-lan, wlan)
Neat web interface, high-usability for even the begineers.
An extensive number of 3G modem support at release time
Amazingly cheap price; $99(~$110) only!

The bad:
Some documentation missing, (i.e. changelog of firmware updates, network shares)
Web interface needs to list out slightly more indicative items(DHCP lease info), diagnostic functions.
Did not conform to GPL license requirement

The odd:
Big-sized power adapter for a mobility router?
CAT5 written UTP cable only has 2 pairs of wires inside compared to the standard 4 pairs.(It will still work)
Port disconnection issues when hooked to a gigabit switch, NIC (Needs further probe, has workaround solution)

Dating a year back, one would probably have only 2 choices of product, and the worse part of it? Both models cost some $300+. This makes it an unpractical solution unless you really have that kind of money. So, the next plausible solution for the half-creative minded? A basic off-the-shelf sub-$60 wireless G router with USB port and 3rd party firmware to DIY. Of course, this could not materialize, because there isn't such a product available even to this date

So if you're contemplating a new 3G router now and being the smart consumer; you will realize that this is the cheapest priced product with a large number of modem support even at its early product cycle and comes in with a 2T2R Wireless N function. This means that the Aztech HW550-3G is not only the well-rounded, but also the best 3G router product in the market compared to any other competitor's product, hence the only choice you need to consider.

Of course, you cant just base a purchase decision purely on basic specification made available on the fanciful designed brochures, box etc since they're all marketing materials. Hence, we shall go on to the next segment of the review and onwards to see if the product works up to a certain expectations of a consumer.

Lets take a look at the product images now

Connect/Disconnect button on the left, Wifi WPS button on the right

Plastic yellow sockets, so no more corrosion after a year or two

Well, since all the main component/ICs are covered by either the heat spreader and a by layer of sheet, therefore no hardware information will be listed [source]


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