Own and See Difference: Philips 46PFL9704H 9000 LED Pro Series TV

What would we do without Philips technology where LCD TVs are concerned? Well, we would be doing without a lot of snazzy and snappy images and graphics, that is for sure. The Philips 46PFL9704H 9000 LED Pro Series has to be on the shopping list of anyone who values a great viewing experience. This LCD TV features the Ambilight Spectra 3 which is a patented Philips technology that has the ability to make your screen bigger with the help of a projected light from the back of the screen. The best thing about this technology is that the Ambilight also adjusts the colour and brightness of the picture surrounding the TV thereby ensuring that you will have the viewing experience of a lifetime.

Philips Side ViewThe Philips 46PFL9704H 9000 also possesses the Perfect Pixel HD Engine which ensures that each pixel matches the ones surrounding it. What you see on the screen is natural picture which somehow feels more “real”. You will definitely enjoy watching images on the screen which are clearer and sharper than normal. Meanwhile, LED Pro technology ensures that you enjoy your movie while saving on energy consumption at the same time. How this happens is that the thousands of LEDs in their grid are operated selectively as and when light is required in the picture. The partnership of Perfect Pixel HD Engine and LED Pro results in beautiful contrasts and vibrant colours.

Now, the full HD screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. From what I see of other LCD TVs, the Philips 46PFL9704H 9000 seems to have the highest resolution of HD sources yet. If you are worried that such high resolution might not be compatible with other sources, do not worry as it fully supports even the most up-to-date Blu Ray and HD game consoles. So if you are watching a movie or playing a game, you will still enjoy the sharpest and smoothest pictures. It also uses x.v.Colour to ensure that colours on the screen come across as real as possible. Colour hues and variations are strikingly portrayed to the highest quality imaginable.

Of course, what is a TV nowadays if it doesn’t allow you to connect with the outside world? Net TV allows users to plug in straight and utilise its selection of online services. You use the Ethernet connection to be linked to the Internet and navigate your way using the remote control. Via Net TV, you can access popular website like YouYube – and videos will be automatically resized to suit your screen. Much better than surfing on the Internet through your computer screen, don’t you think?[source]


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