Is The Z-Nano, World's Smallest Optical Mouse, For Me?

Laying claim to being the world’s smallest optical mouse, the Z-Nano mouse measures in at around the size of an adult mail’s thumb being in a mere 42 x 21 x 17.65mm in size and, as if this accolade were not enough to distinguish the Z-Nano from the crowd the Z-Nano even comes with a (small) slot into which you can place a (small) photograph or picture in order to personalize the decidedly diminutive device.

Interesting, though one might expect a mouse of this size to be equally tiny in terms of features, considering its proportions it actually accounts for itself fairly well in offering up to a not unimpressive 1600DPI laser tracking resolution (user selectable from 100-1600DPI), auto scroll functionality and it even comes with a bright internal LED light which will no doubt help you locate the thing if your desktop is particularly cluttered. Unfortunately, the Z-Nano mouse is not wireless, however, but this could be seen as a benefit as at least it’ll prove harder to loose and, should you find yourself accidentally inhaling it during a sharp breath at least the cord will allow you to retrieve it from the depths of your lungs prior to asphyxiation.

Unique features

* World’s smallest optical mouse (42 x 21 x 17.65mm).
* Slot in your own picture to personalize the mouse.
* Ultra-bright indicator LEDs.
* Provides hands-free automatic scroll modes.

Portability and ease of use

* It’s easy to use, just plug it into a USB port
and play.
* With its small size, you can bring it with you anytime, anywhere.
* Laser technology to track movement results in high tracking speeds.
* Works on nearly every surface, even on black or shiny surfaces.


* Wire management using rare-earth magnet.
* Uses a medical-grade USB cable for greater reliability.
* Uses high quality tact-switches from Japan for better clicks.

High accuracy

* Can track up to 1600 dots per inch (dpi) whereas a typical optical mouse tracks between 400 dpi and 800 dpi only.
* With ability to track higher dpi, sensitivity and accuracy is higher.
* Resolution (100 – 1600 dpi) can be selected to suit your needs.
* Easily trace the outline of any image with its unique pointer.

Designed for fingertip operation, making the Z-Nano mouse ideal for those with hand related medical aliments, as well as for those looking for a small travel mouse whilst out on the road, the Z-Nano Optical Mouse retails for just $60.[source]


Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

wow so small lah.. but i don't thing that would be practical

specially for me

Anonymous said...

Am looking for a notebook mouse. The specs looks good. But it is so tiny ... is it easy to use?

krizzyla said...

mizi; ya its ultra small. This so tiny and its hard even for my finger to move the mouse but other people found it very useful because of it tininess.

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