Be Smart : Nokia E72

With the current rush of smart phones in the market and their saturation, older mobile device providers are also roping up on the trend and Nokia is no exception. Launching behind the prestige of the E-Series, the E72 is one to contend in the field of current smart phone battles with the BlackBerries and the iPhones.

First and foremost, the E72 is a phone meant for typing, whether text messages or emails. The QWERTY keyboard is exceptional and can be match head to head with a BlackBerry, without being one and the same. But leaving that aside, the E72 is trimmed in silvery metal, keeping the tone of a phone meant for business, aesthetically speaking. And since it is business, the E72 does have and Office section, and here you can create your notes and view PDF files and so on so forth. Best part of this would be the mere fact that creating word and excel documents are no longer a pay-to-use but rather, freely available within the phone. Nokia E72 Tips

Moving on, since it is a smart phone, we must focus on its web browsing ability. In comparison to other smart phones, on the E72, you will find that navigation is highlighted more since after all, it is a Nokia. Features are easily found on the home screen alone which will then be able to guide any new user. When browsing, you will find the scrolling mechanism easy and smooth and the connectivity is good since 3G and Wi-Fi can both be used to go online. Keeping the device simple and easy to use, even your own headsets can be utilized to listen to music on the E72.

The Nokia Music Store will also come as a great tool for searching for new music as it is simple to use and helpful as well. And finally, the camera. When it comes down to Nokia, their cameras on their phones have been decently laid out and with the E72, it is no exception either. With the 5 megapixel camera mounted on the back of the E72, you will find that it is still able to take more than decent enough photos with a quality that may not necessarily be the best, but one you cannot complain about.

All in all, the E72 is a smart phone that is mingling amongst its more sturdy competition like the BlackBerry and iPhone and thus, will be compared and scrutinized constantly. Yet, it will still be able to hold its own although it may not necessarily come out on the top.[source]


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