VyprVPN is a fast and secure way to browse the web. VyprVPN replaces your IP address with a VyprVPN IP from one of their many worldwide VPN Clusters.

With VyprVPN active, all Internet communication from your PC gets encrypted and sent through Golden Frog's servers. Sites that try to identify you by your IP address get Golden Frog's IP address instead. If they attempt geo-location, they'll get Golden Frog's location.

VyprVPN lets you unblock your favorite websites and online services that are restricted due to your IP location. You can experience the Internet as if you are browsing from any of their server locations. VyprVPN currently have servers in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

The VyprVPN App is included free with every account, which makes it fast and easy to get set up.


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